Classes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Broadway Bound is holding classes today on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 18 2016)

Getting Ready for the Next Big Production: Welcome to America!


Meet the talented cast of Broadway Bound’s original ‘Welcome to America’




The production kids of ‘Welcome to America’ start 2016 by working hard and playing hard.



Happy New Year!


This is your year to sparkle!


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Regular Classes This Week


Broadway Bound is holding regular classes this week of October 19.


Classes on Halloween


Classes will be held on Saturday, October 31st (Halloween).




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Pre-Audition Information Session

Thursday, September 24th at 6:45pm

Everyone auditioning must attend this meeting with a parent.  This meeting is being held to explain the audition process and answer any questions.

After the Audition

It will take us a few days to decide on who will join the program. Please remember there are a lot of people auditioning and a limited number of spaces available. We will not take anyone who we feel is not ‘ready’ for the workshop program. We need to be fair to ourselves, to the rest of the cast and to all those auditioning. Taking someone not yet prepared hurts every involved and we have learned from experience that it ends badly for all.

As soon as we have decided, we will let everyone know the outcome by letter. If you are one of those auditioning who does not get into the Musical Comedy Workshop Program this year, please remember that the audition itself is a very “courageous” and “constructive” undertaking and that your effort is to be applauded!

Audition for the Musical Comedy Theatrical Workshop

Saturday, October 10th at 3:30pm  (New Date!)

The audition will run approximately 2 hours.


The audition will require that each candidate:

  1. Sing individually
  2. Perform a monologue
  3. Learn a dance combination



EVERYONE must be prepared with a memorized monologue (1 ½ minutes long).

Please be dressed to dance when you come.

If using a tape, have it cued to the beginning of the music.

In the interest of time, you may be asked to sing only a portion of your song.

Please enjoy yourself and have FUN!



Broadway Bound