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The method of Ballet taught at Broadway Bound is the Cecchetti method. There are five levels and each level stresses essential techniques from the basics up to advanced. Body line and terminology are very important. In every level, correct placement and carriage of the body is stressed along with a good sense of self discipline and positive execution. In order to be an accomplished dancer, it is absolutely essential that Ballet be studied in conjunction with other forms of dance. Ballet is the foundation for correct line, strength and proper execution.

(Classes are 1 hr. at Beginner & Intermediate levels. Cost is $15.00 per class)

(Advanced. Intermediate classes on Saturday are 1-1/2 hrs. Cost is $20.00 per class)

(Adv. Int. “Technique” classes on Thursday are 1-1/4 hrs. Cost is $17.50 per class)

(Pointe: By instructors recommendation only. Length is ½ hr. Cost $7.50 per class)

(Advanced Ballet – Saturday is a 2 hr. class. Cost is $26.00 per class)

(Advanced Ballet “Technique” & Pointe – Thursday – is 1-1/2 hrs. Cost is $20.00)
*Any student at the Adv. Int. and Adv. level taking both “Technique” and their regular class will get a discounted price.

(Advanced – Intermediate / Cost $14.00 per class)

(Advanced Levels / Cost is $18.50 per class)

Ages 8 to Adult

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